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Charcoal latte

the coffee alternative

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I’ve been trying out coffee alternatives recently. One of my new favourites for winter is the activated charcoal latte, which is slowly becoming a popular alternative to coffee. Not only do they look pretty, but the activated charcoal can have major benefits in your beauty routine. It is super detoxing, cleanses your digestive system and reduces bloating. It has been used for many years in the medical world as part of a cure for drug and alcohol overdose.

It is important to only consume a small amount of activated charcoal occasionally, and to ensure it is food grade (preferably from coconut shells). There is still limited research on the benefits so everything in moderation...

When passing through the body, the charcoal is not digested but instead pulls out any toxins present and cleanses the body of them. Because of this, it can reduce the effectiveness of any supplements or medication you may be taking (including the contraceptive pill). Ensure you wait at least 2-3 hours for the medication to have been absorbed before consuming the charcoal. Likewise if you take it after!

This latte may look intriguing and slightly intimidating, but is actually milky, slightly sweet and mild. A lovely warming treat in this cold weather than can help boost you after an overindulgent weekend! My recipe is below, but feel free to tweak to suit your taste buds:

Activated charcoal latte

Serves two

Prep/cooking time around 5 minutes


Half a teaspoon of food grade activated charcoal (I used the brand LiveCoCo )

Teaspoon of maple syrup/agave syrup to taste

Cup of plant based milk, such as almond

Cup of hot water


Heat up the milk in a small pan with the syrup on a medium heat

Once hot, add all the ingredients into a blender (or use a whisk)

Blend/froth for a few seconds until foamy

Pour and serve into mugs

Be prepared for a little charcoal staining around your lips and teeth - this comes off easily and is actually beneficial to your gums!

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